Learning Points

During the Singapore River trail, we learnt more about the history of the river, and also how to make observations and inferences of some activities that are carried out there in the past and present. We also learnt more information regarding the shape course of the Singapore River, and whether it would change in the future. Through the gathering of pictorial and video evidences, we are able to deduce the reasons for the various important landmarks to be along the river itself as it provides a source of food, water and transportation for the rise of civilisations. Furthermore, we applied our geography skills of photography and map reading along with our history skills of inference and deduction in this learning journey.

When we were at the Ancient Civilization museum, we had to find three artifacts, before doing compare and contrast to their modern day version. We learnt a lot of information regarding the artifacts and we also learnt that it was important to compare and contrast artifacts with the current, and more modern version. There we will be able to understand the changes and improvements that has gone through the years and the reasons for such changes. Most of these artifacts were changed to adapt to new conditions. For example, the old wooden row boat used to transport goods along the market place along the river is too small for tourists to fit in for sightseeing. As such, an advancement of technology to a motor boat that has very comfortable seats for tourists to sit in. This allowed us to learn how our world was shaped like and how our historians leveraged on technology to improve our lives.