Artifacts come in threes

These are Wayang Kulit puppets. Wayang Kulit is a type of art/performance that uses shadows to depict the puppets are being practised or performed in many areas of Asia. Wayang Kulit is said to originate from Indonesia. UNESCO has designated Wayang Kulit as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. 

These tools here depict the Four Treasures of the Study, commonly called “文房四宝” in chinese. They comprise of the brush, ink, paper and ink stone. They are used in Chinese calligraphy. 

This is the chinese zither (古筝).  In the past chinese believed that one must cultivate himself and train discipline. This zither and calligraphy (above) were commonly practised as a way to relax and enrich oneself. These were known as “文”. Meanwhile, Wushu and martial arts are referred to as “武”. Therefore for one to be skilled at all (all-rounded) is 文武双全.