Friday, March 25, 2011


On 22 March 2011, two of our team members went to the Singapore River and they started their eventful walk from Coleman Bridge in New Bridge Road. The trail ended at Anderson Bridge, which was near their next destination, the Ancient Civilization Museum.

On their way, they took many pictures of the landmarks, and also the panoramic view of the Singapore River. They also made some observations and inferences of some activities that are carried out in the past and present. Besides that, the two of them also had to obtain more information of the Singapore River, and they also had to determine whether the shape course of the Singapore River would change in the future.

Then, they visited the gallery in the Ancient Civilization museum. After deciding that they wanted to concentrate on the gallery on China, they explored the gallery and they had to find out more information about it. They also had to find three artifacts, before doing compare and contrast to their modern day version.